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Concrete Pipes

We are commercializing in concrete pipes that are of incredible quality in terms of strength and durability. Unlike other piping systems, they have better inherent strength and reliability.


Kerb Stone

Kerbs stone is a known material, which is utilized in the road pavements. They provide high strength, stiffness, and reliability to the pavements. It is resistant to different weather conditions.

Interlocking Bricks

Interlocking bricks are suitable for the construction of residential buildings. It has the advantage of being resilient and undamaged even in earthquake prone regions. They are made up of sand, soil, and cement in different proportions.

Boundary Wall

Boundary wall is an immovable part of property. It looks appealing and has high strength. it provides high safety and security to the connected building structure.


Paver Blocks

Paver blocks have been specifically designed for the paving applications. They allow better sewerage and are more sustainable, owing to its implausible porous nature. Their installation and removal are easy and simple.

RCC Pipe

RCC pipe is a superb quality material, which is used for water drainage, sewerage applications. In farm sector, it is employed for fast irrigation purpose. It is manufactured using advanced cutting-edge technology.

Underground Drainage Pipes

Underground drainage pipes ensure that no water drain gets entry into the gardens and field. The pipes have great strength and are resistant to water, soil, weather fluctuations.

Manhole Covers

We are associating in the export of manhole covers with great toughness and anti-corrosive features. They are considered good options for water treatment plants, drainage systems and irrigation systems.



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